More artefacts of upgrade to SP1

More artefacts of upgrade to SP1

I am still using the RealWin interface to the Windows API - I know it is no longer supported, but the changes required to migrate are too great at present. We do have the source code, but I am still using the supplied library.

With the upgrade to Studio XE SP1 last week, I am now getting the following error, even though none of my code has changed:

realwin.lib(winbase.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _HtmlHelpA@16 referenced in function _START_HTML_HELP

Has there been a change to the API so that this entry point is no longer available?





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Really strange behaviour here.

My solution builds two executables - an .exe and a .dll.

When I remove the DLL project from the solution, the main solution builds. The solution for the DLL project also builds. When I put the DLL project back into the main solution, I get the unresolved external reference.

Any ideas?


 _HtmlHelpA@16 is in HtmlHelp.lib is that included in the build?

Yes,Helphtml.lib is in the build. My solution was working until the latest update. It still works if I take one project out of the solution, and that project builds successfully on its own, but when I try to build both the dll and exe files in the same build it fails with the unresolved reference.

It sound like a depandancy thing and one for the Intel boys, I assume if you right click on each project in the solution in turn and build them individually it works.

That's a Microsoft API. Would you please attach a ZIP of the buildlog.htm from the failing build? Are you sure you have the correct 32-bit helplib.lib in your project?

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VS seems to like making a monkey of me!

I have removed and readded the project causing the problems (for about the 3rd time) - now everything builds and links properly! :-(



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