Getting rid of the manifest feature

Getting rid of the manifest feature

Very frequently my linker returns an error "A tool has returned an error,", which, as I have learned on this forum, usually comes from the manifest tool, which is known to be problematic. So, I routinely turn this option off: Project > Properties > Linker > Manifest File, Generate Manifest: No. But I get tired of doing this. How can I make it the default setting for all projects?

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I don't think you can. You need the manifest tool if you'll link to the DLL libraries - for the Microsoft DLLs, not Intel's. However, let me suggest that you go into your antivirus app and tell it to not scan your project folders. To AV tools, the Manifest Tool looks like a virus as it modifies an executable. I stopped having trouble with it since I did this.

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It seems funny that Intel "offers" a  "helpful" tool that can't be turned off. But thanks for the confirmation and suggestion. 

Yup, AV was always my problem with this. @dboggs I think you will find it is a microsoft windows offering, not and Intel one. I always found the  the error can be ignored it seems to have no consequence.

It's not an Intel tool. I think you will find that the error prevents you from running programs linked to the DLL libraries.

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" I think you will find that the error prevents you from running programs linked to the DLL libraries."

Probably why I never had any consequences.

Normally it seems to builds with no error if you do it again as (for me) it was just a random occurance AV quirk.

It may not be an Intel tool, but there IS an Intel tool for turning it off--i.e. the simple addition of a command-line switch--I just get tired of having to do it all of the time. There are default values for all of these switches, so it seems like it is within the power of Intel to offer some user customization of these default properties.

I'm not sure what the manifest feature is good for, so (ignorance confessed) I am skeptical of how many users actually need it. I for one would be happy if the default status, assuming it is too much trouble for Intel to provide for us to define our own default settings, were /Manifest:no.

The manifest tool embeds the manifest into the EXE. The manifest is what tells Windows how to find DLLs in shared assemblies, such as are provided by MSVC. If you say /manifest:no, then you won't be able to run programs linked to the DLL libraries - and note that as of compiler version 14, this is the default when building in Visual Studio (for new projects.)

A better solution is to find what is interfering with the manifest tool and stopping it from doing that. Unless and until Microsoft comes up with a replacement for manifests, we have to live with them.

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