Number of characters in one line in free-format in Fortran90

Number of characters in one line in free-format in Fortran90

Does Fortran90 allow to write more than 132 charactes in a line in free-format? If I write more than 132 characters in a line in free-format Fortran90, what will happen then?

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According to the documentation, compiler limits are:

Fortran source line length fixed form: 72 (or 132 if /extend_source is in effect) characters;

free form: 7200 characters

However, for readability and code maintenance, I would suggest shorter lines are best!

Thanks, David White for your valuable information!

Enforcing standards for free form warns for over 132 (or is it 128?).

132 is what the standard says.

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Thanks Steve Lionel for giving the information. However, can you tell me that what will happen if I write more than 132 character in one line?

By default, it will work fine. We support, as an extension, a much longer line. If you ask for standards warnings, you'll get a warning.

I'd discourage you from doing this, though, as it's not portable.

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