strange "name does not have a type" error with subroutine pointers

strange "name does not have a type" error with subroutine pointers

I am trying to store a external, dynamically-loaded subroutine pointer in a common block, and I am getting an error I don't understand.  (Please try not to laugh at the fixed-column format. I have to use it for certain reasons.)

c module
      module pif
         abstract interface
            subroutine pvalue(n,m)
            implicit none
            integer n,m
            end subroutine
         end interface
      end module
c subroutine
      subroutine invokeit
      use :: pif, only : pvalue
      implicit none
      common /called_sub_cb/ called_sub
      integer n, m
      procedure(pvalue), pointer :: called_sub
      n = 4 
      write(*,*)'the value is',m
c program
      program caller
      use :: ifwin
      use :: ifport
      use, intrinsic :: iso_c_binding
      use :: pif, only : pvalue
      implicit none
      common /called_sub_cb/ called_sub
      integer(handle) :: callee_handle
      integer(c_intptr_t) :: callee_addr
      procedure(pvalue), pointer :: called_sub
      callee_handle = LoadLibrary("pvalue.dll"C)
      if (callee_handle .eq. 0) then
         stop "DLL not loaded"
      end if
      callee_addr = GetProcAddress(callee_handle,"PVALUE"C)
      if (callee_addr .eq. 0) then
         stop "callee function not found"
      end if
      call c_f_procpointer(transfer(callee_addr,c_null_funptr),
     &     called_sub)
      call invokeit

This is adapted from a solution to calling dynamically-loaded DLLs I saw on this very forum.  When I compile it, I get the following error:

caller.f(64): error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an expl
icit type.   [CALLED_SUB]
     &     called_sub)

Strangely, the error does not occur when pvalue is a function--it only happens for subroutines.  It also doesn't occur unless the pointer is declared inside a common block.  (That is, if I get rid of invokeit, and just call the subroutine from inside the main program, it compiles just fine.)

I'm open to other solutions besides common blocks to access the pointers, as long as it's accessible from a separetely-compiled subroutine (and doesn't have to be inside the same module or something like that).


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After pondering for awhile, I realized don't need the procedure pointer in the caller program at all, so there is really no point to use interfface there.  I just declare called_sub as integer(c_intptr_t), and let the the magic of common blocks do the type conversion.  When I do that the example compiles and runs as expected.

Still, the behavior of procedure pointers here was... odd. Unless there's some logic to it I'm not seeing, it looks like a compiler bug.

I agree - looks like a bug.  Thanks. Issue ID is DPD200249875.

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This has been fixed for a release later this year.

Retired 12/31/2016

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