Can't step into dll routine

Can't step into dll routine

Using VS2010 and XE 3013 sp1.0.103

I have a solution which includes a Fortran console project and a Fortran dll project.  For some reason I am now not able to step into the dll routines.  I could up till now.  I have completely rebuilt the solution and projects from scratch, as well as rebooting, but this has not helped.

The program runs fine, and stops at breakpoints in the main program, but I cannot step into the subroutines in the dll.

I have tried using Debug Multithreaded and Debug Multithreaded Dll libraries for both the console project and the dll project to no avail.  The dll import library has been added to the console project obviously, or the program would not build correctly which it does.

The Debug Information Format is set to Full for both projects.



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Dll problably does not contain debug information, or *.pdb file is not loadable, or source code is not available (dll built on other computer or in the directory which does not exist now).

Try to select menu item: Debug->Windows->Modules

find your dll library and in the Symbol Status column should be Symbols loaded


Looking in Debug->Windows->Modules showed that the .dll was not being loaded.  At that point I realized that I had renamed the dll to be the same as the executable.  Therefore, the dll .pdb file was being overwritten by the main program .pdb file.

Thanks Quba

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