Visual Fortran 11.1 and Visual Studio 2012

Visual Fortran 11.1 and Visual Studio 2012

I have used Visual Fortran 11.1 and Visual Studio 2008 for 4 years. Today, I had a new computer with Visual Studio 2012. After I installed Visual Fortran and opened Visual Studio, there is no access to Visual Fortran.

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That is correct. You need Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 in order to support VS2012. Or you could use the bundled VS2008 Shell (if you're developing Fortran only.)

For more information, see Which versions of Microsoft Visual Studio are supported by various Intel compiler versions?

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Thanks, Steve. How can I upgrade to Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013? I have lost the emails that Intel sent me right after I purchased it. Also, My email address was changed since then.

If your license was as old as you hinted, you would do best to purchase a new one.

If you had any support history which you want merged, you could then submit a request.

You may be eligible for a small discount. It used to be that if the license was more than two years old, there was no discount, but see to see what you qualify for.

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Is VS2012 part of the Composer 2013?

ifort xe2013 (except for student version) provides VS2010 Shell so as to support Fortran only without use of a full Visual Studio.

To be more specific, we provide a complete Fortran development environment based on VS2010 Shell. It has everything you need to develop, build and debug Fortran applications. In the future we may update this to a VS2012 or VS2013 Shell environment, but there's no obvious benefit to the Fortran programmer over a VS2010-based environment.

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