I am trying to run some Fortran code that uses the IFWIN module, and is built with a command line that contains the switch /INCREMENTAL:NO.  This switch is undocumented but it seems to be a switch that is passed directly to the linker.

What's strange is that whenever this switch is given, the compilation fails, giving me error #7002: "Error in opening the compiled module file.  Check include paths."  It never even makes it to the linker.  I tested many commands and this switch is necessary and sufficient to get the error message.

Any ideas?  I need to use IFWIN but I don't have control over the build commands downstream.

This occurs with Build 20100806


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The compiler thinks you are using the /I option with an invalid path. /INCREMENTAL is a linker option and it has to be preceded by /LINK if you're putting it on the command line. (Everything after /LINK is passed to the linker.)

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