Q re conversion of project type

Q re conversion of project type

I have a project that originally started off as a console project,

but now I wish to add some graphics capability. So I would like to make it

a Quickwin project.

All the routines would be the same, but I would ADD one that does some plotting.

Apparently if its a console project I cannot reference any graphics routines.

So that's why I need to change the project type.

Is there a simple way to do that? I would like to avoid having to copy all the routines into another project.


If I open a new project, how do i share the same solution space as one I had open already?

Or maybe its not that straightforward.

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I received a pointer to an article about this, but the pointer didn't work.

What was the pointer and who provided it to you?

At a minimum, you need to make the following changes:

Fortran > Libraries - change Runtime Library to QuickWin

Linker > System - change Subsystem to Windows

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Hello Steve -


The pointer was a false alarm.


Anyway - Where do I find those changes you suggested ? The project menu ?


I will try your suggestion, see what happens - 


Thanks ! ! !

These are project properties, yes.

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I can't find those options. Where do I look?

I looked under the project properties. Nothing there.

Yes, they are there.



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OK, thanks for the example.

I was having trouble getting the right syntax.

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