SUM not allowed in constant expressions??

SUM not allowed in constant expressions??

The compiler complains that SUM is invalid in constant/initialization expressions, the argument to SUM is ofcourse a constant array...

Is this correct according to F03/08?

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This feature is first specified in f2008 but not yet implemented in ifort.

I read in section 7.1.7 of the f03 draft (N1601) that :

(5) A reference to a transformational standard intrinsic function other than NULL, where each
argument is an initialization expression,

is OK. Am I missing something?

This is one of the last remaining items on our F03 list. It is not yet implemented but we hope to have it by this time next year.

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For some reason I was convinced that parameterized derived types was the only F03 feature you didn't yet support, but taking a new look in the latest release notes I see that also the transformational intrinsics in initialization expressions lack. Perhaps I didn't noce it because it is on the next page ;)

I found a way through creating a "dummy array" and using SIZE though :)

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