IntelliSense problem with DO CONCURRENT

IntelliSense problem with DO CONCURRENT

I just wanted to report that it seems IntelliSense gets confused by DO CONCURRENT blocks.

In particular the highlighting of the matching END DO doesn't work, and so for multiply nested constructs it becomes harder to find the correct END [SOMETHING] statement.

I'm on Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE [IA-32] with MS VS Ultimate 2012

PS: I'm not a 100% certain that this concerns the IntelliSense engine, but I hope the issue is clear.

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Thanks - I understand what you're describing and will see if I can reproduce it. If so, I'll let the developers know, though a fix is likely to be some time off for an issue like this.

Edit: FORALL has the same problem. Issue ID is DPD200250741.

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This has been fixed for a future major release.

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