trial version tel visual fortran composer xe 2013

trial version tel visual fortran composer xe 2013

I am attempting to run the trial version of intel visual fortran composer xe 2013.  I believe I downloaded this software package together with windows visual studio 2013 successfully, but am having difficulty running a couple of sample programs, specifically angle and generic.  I was able to open both applications OK and while they appeared to be loaded as applications, when I clicked on a fortran file within either application to open it I received a response stating that the file in question could not be found.  What am I missing as I would have thought this would be a relatively straightforward operation?

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Where did you unzip the samples? If you did it into the same folder where the ZIP file was located, you won't be able to build and run programs there. Unzip into a writable folder that isn't under Program Files (x86) or Program Files, such as your Desktop. This is explained in the samples.htm file.

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Thanks Steve. 

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