Annoying tabbing in freeform....

Annoying tabbing in freeform....

In visual studio 2010 when typing new free form source code can hit return for a new line and you stay nicely tabbed in for the next line. If you then keystroke is a number digit (1-9) it instantly tabs you to column 1 in some fixed form throwback mode.

If you are editing a line and insert a leading numeric digit it does the same also, is there anyway to override/modify this annoying behaviour?


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This is an issue in continuation lines only, right? Because no statement starts with a digit. Suggestion: Type a leading & first. I will ask the developers to modify the behavior in a future release.

It's not a fixed-form thing, it thinks you're typing a statement label.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Numeric label statements do not need to start in column 1, but that is what it assumes you want to do and moves the insertion point. 

This has been fixed for a future major release.

Steve - Intel Developer Support



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