Transfer FORTRAN Dll to other computer for Excel VBA

Transfer FORTRAN Dll to other computer for Excel VBA

Hello All

I made a simple function with Fortran and compiled to Dll for Excel VBA in my computer(Windows 7, 64 bit, excel 2007). It worked well.

but move Dll to another computer(Windows XP, 32 Bit, excel 2007), It cannot work for Excel VBA. the error showing on range: #VALUE!

Please help what the problem come from.

You adivce is very appreciated


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Most likely you don't have the dependent DLLs on the other computer. For a DLL that is called from EXCEL, the best thing is to relink it to use the static libraries. In your DLL project properties, go to Fortran > Libraries. Change Runtime Library to "Multithreaded" (from "Multithreaded DLL"). Don't select a choice with "Debug" in its name.

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Thanks a lot, it worked according to your guidance.

Both Multithereaded and Degug Multithereaed can work well. but I don't know what then difference from them

Debug Multithread links in the debug version of the Microsoft Visual C++ run-time libraries. These do extra checking on things such as memory allocation. Typically you would not use this when distributing code elsewhere.

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