Doctor Fortran in "It's a Modern Fortran World"

Doctor Fortran in "It's a Modern Fortran World"

Thanks for the Article Steve, my last Fortran book I had in 1988 and it was extolling the virtues of F77 so perhaps a new one is in order as a new years  present to myself!

I did notice in the blog items a few posts up from this latest article  "Doctor Fortran in "Revert! Revert! The End (of the format) is Nigh!" is a broken link BTW.


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Andrew, can you be more specific about the broken link? I don't see it. I'm glad that you enjoyed the post.

Steve - Intel Developer Support message #27

Perhaps it would it be better putting all the title links at the top of the post? There are quite a lot of them up there already.

Got it - fixed.Thanks.  The first post in that thread links to the older VF Newsletter articles in the same thread. I added a link to the newer Doctor Fortran posts. Links to both of these are in the Visual Fortran FAQ.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

I hadn't seen the FAQ before! Yes it makes sense to have just put the newer topics link in the older topics, thanks. I know from my own web endeavours it is a 'mare keeping all links up to date as things evolve. And, once your contents is indexed on Google users come to your content in ways that you don't realise or that surprise you.

As an aside, if I want to find something on the Intel site I find using Google is usually a faster and more productive way of finding things that the native search, which is interesting!

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