Cannot disable Fortran error message 8284

Cannot disable Fortran error message 8284


I am trying to disable specific error on .f compilation, e.g. error #8284: If the actual argument is scalar, the dummy argument shall be scalar unless the actual argument is of type character or is an element of an array that is not assumed shape, pointer, or polymorphic.

I have tried the syntax: /Qdiag-disable:8284

but I get

Cannot disable Fortran error message 8284

I would rather not turn off the whole interface checking (/warn:interfaces) since it includes some other msg 6633, 6631 that I want to check on a file basis.

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It is not a warning it is an error so your it says your code is not valid. Do you believe the code to be valid? Post some code snippets to show what you are doing and I am sure someone will advise.


Can you turn the argument into an array? Rather than ignoring the error, you should make the code legal. As an alternative, I think you could add:

!DEC$ ATTRIBUTES NO_ARG_CHECK :: dummy-arg-name

in the called routine and it should ignore the issue for that argument. I am not recommending this.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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