Fortran compilers and linkers

Fortran compilers and linkers

Please advise how can I convert/recompile old Fortran files [available in WXP 32bit/Visual Compaq 6 and built in the Microsoft developer Studio 98 environment] ie to open/run in W7 64-bit platform? I have a license for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 update 11 which I believe is integrated with Intel Visual Studio 2008 to include the compiler and linker. I also have a VisualStudioPro2010 iso image which I have installed in W7 but the product seems to use a validation key.

However, I am not sure I have the right product for this migration. Is my Fortran Composer XE product infact Intel Visual Fortran within the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment [IDE] and is it suitable to recompile the new fortran executables? If not, How can I do the conversion?


Here is a rar-compressed example and associated correspondence [once extracted please rename the .exer to .exe].


Many thanks

Downloadapplication/rar Copy of 7636.rar204.73 KB
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If you are using the Visual Studio 2008 Shell that comes bundled with Intel Visual Fortran (or VS2010 Shel), it does not have the ability to convert Compaq Visual Fortran projects. If you have a regular Visual Studio install and add Intel Visual Fortran to it, then you can do the conversion. However, unless your project is large and complicated, I'd recommend just creating a new project of the appropriate type and adding your source files to it.

For more information, please read What are the differences between Compaq* Visual Fortran and Intel Visual Fortran?

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