Migrating to MS Visual Studio 2010 + new Visual Fortran with IMSL

Migrating to MS Visual Studio 2010 + new Visual Fortran with IMSL


I just started migrating my old MS Visual Studio Solution 2003, which has a C++ project and a fortran project in it from Windows XP to MS Visual Studio Solution 2010. I installed a recently purchased Visual Fortran Composer XE with IMSL. I did not have any trouble importing the solution itself. However, that is about how much success I have had. I am not able to compile anything. I did not see any documentation on the site on how to migrate 2003 solution to 2010, or on how to configure the path etc. to include all necessary libraries, including IMSL. I feel like there is some basic setup that may be needed before building the solution. Can someone throw some light on how to migrate an old solution to the new platform, what settings to use?







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Here are some articles that will help:

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Configuring Visual Studio for using the IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library

As for doing the actual migration, you just open the solution in the newer VS and it should convert automatically.

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