Formatting Fortran in Forum posts....

Formatting Fortran in Forum posts....

Using the Fortran and /Fortran tags (in square brackets) makes code snippets infinitely more readable than posting them as normal text. I am frustrated each time by the fact that when I paste some Fortran it comes out looking a mess and offends my eyes. More specifically the treatment of spaces and carriage returns..... In the edit view you have massive line spacings and some random looking formatting and then you preview and get something totally different looking (but not correct) and then iterate a few times between the edit and preview panes....

Am I just doing it wrong?

Is there a "guide" or some top tips on making it less painful?

Are there any improvements to this in hand for the forum?




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This is still being worked on - it seems to depend on where you are pasting from.

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What is the 'best' thing to paste from BTW?

Notepad, I would say, though I've pasted from Visual Studio without issues. I don't quite have a handle on what works and what doesn't.

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