Giving an answer/comment to a post not to a total thread

Giving an answer/comment to a post not to a total thread

Hello Steve,

i it possible to add a function in the forum (one which have been there in earlier versions)?

Some times it would be easier to read a thread if i would know to which post a answer is given. The same goes for giving a answer.

So could this kind of funtionality be added? Or do i have missed this function?

Thanks in advance



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I suppose you could just refer to the #number. You can also hit the "quote" link next to the # number which I have just discovered having never noticed it before! It does not however refer to the # number, it would be helpful it that was automatically inserted as a tag/link at the start of the quote. This last comment harks back to to fact that the working park of the screen is small compared to swathes of wasted space at the top bottom and sides.

Some 'top tips' for working around some of the annoyances of the forum would be a useful thread that perhaps could be worked up into a 'guide'.

i the old day's ...  ;-)   there was a button at the end of each post providing the possibility to give an answer/comment to this specific post.

It would be nice to have this back again.


Clicking on #3...


jimdempseyatthecove wrote:

Clicking on #3...

The above result of clicking on "Quote" to left of #4


RE: #4 and #5

So it appears that one must type in the "#nn" to which they wish to reference.

Jim Dempsey

The #n link is like in other forums - a link to that post. You can copy the URL and use it if you want to refer to a specific reply. A thread starter can mark a reply as "Best Answer" or something like that. 

However, we did do away with the notion of subthreads in a topic, where you reply to a specific post. In my opinion that tended to be more confusing than helpful. You can quote a post or link to it if you want to refer to a specific reply.

P.S. I am out of the office this week, so I won't be in here much until I get back.

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