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Yahoo! That was it. I turned off Edit and Continue and that cured two of my problems. The data types are now fortran types instead of C types, and the CXX0033: Error stuff has gone away.

I have also verified that a fortran compiled dll which is called from Excel VBA can be stepped through in the visual studio debugger. However, my last lingering problem is that I still cannot do that with a dll.

As always, thanks bunches for the help, Steve. I can finally get back to work on my fortran project. :)

Yahoo indeed! That option is not normally on by default and it doesn't get reset on a reinstall.

For the VB.NET problem, turn on the VB project property Debug > Enable unmanaged debugging.

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The problem I was having with not debugging went away after I swtiched a project setting of Target Framework from .Net Framework 2 to .Net Framework 4.

Beats me what that made any difference, but it qualifies for another - Yahoo!



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