Building DLLs from the command line

Building DLLs from the command line

Hi All,

I found it fairly straighforward to build a whole set of DLLs from a command script under IVF10. The main thing was to activate this line:

        call "C:\Program Files\Intel\Compiler\Fortran\10.0.025\IA32\Bin\ifortvars.bat"

which, among other things, defined ifort.

What's the equivalent in IVF Composer 2013 XE? It's obviously completely different - C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\Bin\ifortvars.bat makes no mention of ifort.

Any help or insights greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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What happened when you invoked that bat file?  It sets up PATH, LIBRARY and INCLUDE so that the command "ifort" can be found.


Even simpler is to open a command window from the Start menu that already has the environment set up. Go to

All Programs / Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 / Command Prompt / Parallel Studio XE with Intel Compiler XE v14.0 / IA-32 Visual Studio 2010 mode

(You might have different Visual Studio and compiler versions, and possibly Composer instead of Parallel Studio).

Hi Guys,

Thanks for replies.

I would prefer to run the job in a command script, but it won't run. I have distilled the problem down to the fact that when ifortvars.bat exits, it exists everything, including the batch script in which the call to run it was embedded, so I can't do anything else. The following illustrates:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\Bin"
ifortvars.bat ia32
echo Successful completion

I never see "Successful completion". What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks


Use "call ifortvars.bat ia32". I would also recommend against changing to the compiler folder..instead put the path in the command. Use %ifort_compiler14% to find it. 

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