Debugger frustration

Debugger frustration

I frequently encounter this problem:

I am at a breakpoint, and I want to examine the output window.

So the miniature version of it appears on the TASK BAR.

Now when I want to view the results, I can get an enlarged view,

by moving the cursor over.

but that's when the problem starts.

When I try to "freeze" the enlarged window it disappears.

So I can enlarge it any further, or scroll it up or down,

so as to see more results.


Maybe there is some magic trick to make the enlarged window more manageable?

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BTW, one thing I want to do with the output window is print the text so I can examine

the results in more detail. But that requires "freezing" it so it can be manipulated.

The output window is just a separate window. I doubt it disappears - instead it will go behind Visual Studio when that window gets focus again. Click on the task bar icon to bring it forward, then drag it off to the side to keep it visible.

The above applies to a console window. If you're using QuickWin, then you can't really do anything with the window while stopped in the debugger since the thread that maintains the window is also stopped.

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do you mean the visual studio output window or your program output (or console) window? If it is a your program consol make the ouput to a file as well that would be easier to look at/save/print etc.

FYI I do a lot of 3D graphics stuff and when debugging I find it easier to use 2 screens one with VS on it and one for my application to run on.


Well, I was using QuickWin, so I see the problem there -

But can you think of a way to better manage the printed output?

aside from changing all the Print statements.

That would be a last resort.

how many print statements are there and what form to they take (there are a couple of syntax alternatives). Doing a global replace for writes with a unit number variable might be quite a quick edit and the unit number can be changed to direct the output to a the quickwin window or a file at will..



I usually copy the window to the clipboard (ctrl-PrtScr) and then paste it into Word or Word pad. This is easy but far from ideal.

I take this opportunity to ask a related question. I want the program to break whenever a certain variable changes value, say var_1. This is not well described in the documentation. I gather that the feature is called a "data breakpoint." The documentation describes that this is not explicitly supported for Fortran, but the C++ support can be used if the variable is "entered" (where?) in caps, i.e. VAR_1. It goes on for an explicit example in the case of an array variable, where it instructs Debug > New Breakpoint > New Data Breakpoint, then enter the address in loc form, and the byte count (whatever that would be in my case), and finally the language as C++. That choice (nor any choices at all) are not available in my list.

Should I conclude that what I want to do is not supported by the VS Shell?

Sorry, my question above was posted in the wrong place. Please post any followups under the lead topic "Conditional breakpoints when debugging".

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