Transition to Windows 7

Transition to Windows 7

Our company is about to transition from Windows XP to Windoes 7 and has asked me to test an Intel Fortran compiler with 64 bit application on a Windows 7 test machine.  The version they asked me to test was given as "2013-1-119W7".  I can't find it on the download web site and am not sure that my instructions make sense.  The latest to which I have access is 2013-SP1.1.139.  I am in the process of making the required tests using it via Visutal Studio 2010.  And all seems to be in order.

Naturally, what concerns me is that I may be testing the wrong product; that there may be issues in the nomenclature which escape me.  Do my instructions make sense to you?  And, if I am testing the wrong product, how do I get the right one?

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We haven't used a naming such as "2013-1-119W7", but my guess is that this refers to 2013.1.119, the update from about a year ago. To find this "2013" from the Version dropdown on the left and then "Update 1 Eng/Jpn" on the right.

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I suspect you have made a good choice about which to download.

will help you to see which versions are available (apparently a new update to be added this week).

Thanks Tim and Steve,

That was my reading of the tea leaves too.  I shall carry on with the download I have and inform the others that their nomenclature is in error.

Tom Stevens

But do note that the version you're being asked to test is more than a year out of date.

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