Black Belt Programme and status points

Black Belt Programme and status points

For a while the Black (and green, red and brown) points were missing form the user posts. Recently I've received a redundant e-mail telling me that I earned a brown belt (which happened a long time ago). I noticed today  that the status points returned to the user posts as well. I was not able to find any information what "status points" mean. Could somebody tell me something about the status points?

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I got a reply yesterday assuring that corrections would be undertaken, in addition to a broadcast asking for a new picture and bio.

Probably forum maintenance.I had also a problem with my black belt which changed its color to  red.

This was a glitch in a revision of how the site deals with points and belts - it was fixed. It also affected me.

Retired 12/31/2016

I notice that the forum has introduced "Status Points" and "Total Points".
I'm not sure of the difference, but it looks like a number of the airline points programs that dilute our points have been adapted to this forum.

Steve, you look to be the most affected as it is showing you now with only 50,910 Status Points. I guess we'll see you around this forum for a long time till you get back to the 500,000 status mark.


My total points are still there. I know that they are making some changes to the Black Belt program but don't know the details yet. I will ask and see what I can find out.

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I received an email noticing me that I have leveled up and are now hold an Intel® Developer Zone a Green Belt. But it is not mention in my profile.

Vihanga, I put in an inquiry about this on your behalf. It may just be a synchronization issue that will work out in the next day.

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Thank you very much Steve Lionel (Intel)

I can see your green belt now - you might need to log out and in again to see it. Congratulations!

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I got it! Thank you very much for your fullest cooperation!

Is that a brown belt I see before me?

A little while ago, I received two belts in the post! Which is better than receiving two on the head.

I am still missing the points I accumulated before the switch to the new forum.

You can contact support


I have lost of 5 points in my total points and  statues points. Can anyone help me?

If you've lost only 5 points I wouldn't worry about it. You have 1500 total points.

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lol vidura, dont think too much about points. :)

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