Help understanding linker error "Unresolved external"

Help understanding linker error "Unresolved external"

I am developing a project that includes a module XYGraph and subroutine XYPlot, which I compile for redistribution to other programmers working in my group. The object files XYGraph.obj and XYPlot.obj are put in a library project, CPPf90.lib. The files XYGraph.mod and CPPf90.dbg.lib (my name for the debug build version of the library) were then given to Fred.

The module XYGraph and subroutine XYPlot both contain calls to Intel Quickwin routines SETLINEWIDTHQQ and GETLINEWIDTHQQ. When Fred attempts to build his project, he gets linker errors

"unresolved external symbol _setlinewidth referenced in function _XYGRAPH_mp_..... and similar with _getlinewidth, these are evidently generated by the module; and similar errors apparently generated by the lib file.

Note that the external symbols referenced in the errors do not include the appended QQ that are used in the original code. Is this normal? What other information is needed to pursue this?

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In IFQWIN you have






	          END FUNCTION


I am not sure what LIB getlinewidth is in, I do not think it is part of the windows SDK as line width is set using CreatePen, perhaps it is in the clib? Does fred's app include use IFQWIN? I would expect these to be resolved if it did.


Is qwin.lib in the link path?

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