Ubuntu 10.04: Which Version of Intel Fortran Compiler?

Ubuntu 10.04: Which Version of Intel Fortran Compiler?

Hi, I would like to work with the Intel Fortran Compiler on my lucid 10.04 Ubuntu. I tried 2013, 2011, 11.1 and 11.0 but it didn't work... Alan

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The Windows compilers aren't supported on linux.  The forum for linux Fortran would be a better place to ask, with more detail.  If your linux is 32-bit, only the ia32 compilers will work.  There are posted hints:


Composer XE 2011 (compiler 12.1) was the last version to support Ubuntu 10.04. As Tim suggests, our Linux Fortran forum is the right place to ask Linux Fortran questions.

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Hi Steve, thank you, so i got the wrong link by your support, i am sorry. I will try again 2011. Best, Alan

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