Fortran DLL and Excel VBA

Fortran DLL and Excel VBA

Hi all,

I have a  DLL created from Fortran code using digital Fortran compiler in Visual Studio 2008 on window XP. I was able to use this DLL in my Excel VBA code without any issues in my Windows 7 64-bit PC. The DLL stopped working when Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 shell is installed.  I don't have the source code to recreate the DLL in Intel Fortran. Please help me in understanding what could have happened.

I was using the DLL with other support DLLs (DFORRTD.DLL and MSVCRTD.DLL) in current working directory and specifying the entire path while declaring the funtion in excel vba.

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To clarify - you are saying that installation of the new compiler (as opposed to compiling you code with the new compiler) made your DLL stop working?

Check that the length of your path hasn't become excessive.

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