Porting applications

Porting applications

I am sitting in on a STAT class, so I generated an APP for the professor,

that he could use to display bell-shaped curves and random sampling.

Two issues:

1) What kind of computers will be able to RUN an app that we generate here?

Would the graphics interface be a problem? Its a Quickwin app.

What about tablets?

2) Is there a way to port an application without hanging up on

the security checks?

I can see why one would NOT want applictions to be freely sent around.

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Security checks? Intel Fortran has no run-time licensing.

If you make sure to specify that you want to link against the static libraries (select Libraries > Use Runtime Library > Multithreaded, and not Multithread DLL), the executable should be able to run on any Windows XP or newer. (Though if you're using VS2012 or 2013, see here.)

As for tablets, if it's a Windows 8 tablet, same applies. Otherwise, no.

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