Control Panel Entries

Control Panel Entries

How do I clean up the entries in Control Panel?

I still have Compose XE 2013 Update 15 listed as being installed, even though this does not appear in VS.

When I attempt to uninstall the older version, the uninstall fails.



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You don't recall any issues during any update installation?

Re: clean-up, have you tried some freeware Windows utilities such as CCleanerThis one helps me greatly plus it is very user-friendly.

In cases where I created confusion by using a different installer for an upgrade, the solution seems to be to use the original installer to remove. Then, if old entries remain in add/remove, they may be amenable to direct removal from the Windows menu.

Having used the Parallel Studio installation, I should have waited for the PS upgrade installer before attempting any upgrades without full removal.

It might be interesting to hear whether freeware utilities help with cleanup, particularly on Win8.1.

I generally recommend the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This used to be provided by Microsoft but they dropped it.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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