Problem with starting fortran compiler

Problem with starting fortran compiler


I downloaded and installed Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 for Windows with IMSL for 64bit computer. Before that I installed MS visual studio 2010. Now, I can't start the compiler by visual basic. 

I tried to read the getting started note:

To start the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler XE 12.1 from Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE, perform the following steps: 


But I can't find the option 3 in the visaul studio when I try to create a new project.

Can anyone help me in this regard?



  1. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio*.

  2. Select File > New > Project.

  3. In the New Project window select a project type under Intel® Visual Fortran.

  4. Select the desired template.

  5. Click OK.

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Please follow the steps in I can't create Fortran projects or see any Fortran support in Visual Studio

Let us know if that helps (or doesn't.)

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Hi Steve,

Thanks your reply. I have done the problem. I am facing a new problem when I am building old program. Error: Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 'Win32' not installed.

Can you give a suggestion about this matter?



Please check your project configuration, which is found in the toolbar at the top of the Visual Studio screen, towards the middle. 

Even on 64-bit windows, the default is to create a 32-bit application.

Select "x64" instead.  You may need to create that configuration.



As an alternative to Lorri's suggestion, go back to the Intel Registration Center and download the installer that says it is for both 32-bit and 64-bit development. I often see people deciding to download the 64-bit compiler only, because they are on a 64-bit system, but they didn't realize that Visual Studio always defaults to a 32-bit configuration. In Composer XE 2013 SP1, we've done away with that distinction.

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Thanks Lorri. I have applied your suggestion and It is working now.

Thanks Steve. I got huge suggestions from you.

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