Compilation of static librairies

Compilation of static librairies

Hi everybody,

I have a question about the compilation of static libraries. I tried to compile my own static libraries on the graphic interface but I don't know how !

Could you help me, please?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.


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You mention "graphic interface" I am assuming you mean Visual Studio.

It would help if you (a) showed us what you did do and/or (b) attached your vfproj file(s)

You mention libraries (plural) so you should have one project per library.

You really should look at the Intel help : for example under Getting Started - creating a new project In Visual Studio

File->New->Project where you choose the type of project e.g. library.

Looking at the examples provided with the compiler might also help you.


Also, see this link at Microsoft's MSDN site.

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