IVF 11.1 + VS2008 debugger

IVF 11.1 + VS2008 debugger

VS2008 indicates all compilation errors occur at the last line of one source file in my project. I have tried restarting devenv with different switches (/resetsettings, ...) but it does not resolve the issue. The issue occurs if I compile that specific file as well as building the entire solution and cleaning the solution does not help. Copying the source to a new file and replacing that file in the project does not resolve the issue. The issue does not occur for other source files.

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There are a couple more pieces of information that would be helpful here.

Most importantly would be the build_log.htm file; can you append that to a reply please.

The other is which compiler version you are using.

              We may ask for more info after that, of course --



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