Fortran DLL Compiled on Win7 called by VB6 fails on XP

Fortran DLL Compiled on Win7 called by VB6 fails on XP

Hi all,

I have a fortran dll compiled for Win32 with v 11.something, on Win7 called by a VB6 application.  The VB application, not in my scope, is compiled on XP.  The two have been working fine together on XP and Win7.  Just recently, the VB app generates a RTE of 53 - "file not found" on XP, but works fine on Win7.  None of the compiler flags for the DLL have been changed other than switching between Debug and Release (at least not that I can remember). The target platform has been defaulted to "not set".  I tried x86 as the target but no change.

What might cause this behavior? I pointed the VB developer to a web trouble shoot that would isolate where in the loading process the "file is not found", but he hasn't tried it yet.

I'm sure I haven't supplied enough details, so ask away.


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That article would not be relevant to compiler version 11.x. More likely it's this article: What do I need to deploy my Fortran application on a system where the compiler is not installed?

However, this wouldn't explain a problem suddenly appearing when it worked before, but it's often the case that something else changed not mentioned here.

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File not found may refer to a required DLL, not the one you are deploying.  I suggest you use dependency walker ( to see if you can determine what is mising that could be causing the error.


David and Steve -

Thank you - you were both correct.  I eventually figured it out - it was a dependency problem.  The application packaging is now with another contractor and a dependency check wasn't considered - thus the sudden appearance of the problem.  I suppose I should have ensured that they had the correct dependencies.  If big brother company email filter hadn't quarantined your replies, it would have been fixed sooner - forum messages are now on the happy list.

Again, thanks for your help.  I'll be around




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