Visual studio 2008-FORTRAN 9.1- can compile and linke-cant creat the file

Visual studio 2008-FORTRAN 9.1- can compile and linke-cant creat the file


I am using Visual studio 2008 and FORTRAN 9.1 to compile and link and FORTRAN code to ASPEN plus, now while before I created FORTRAN codes in other version of FORTRAN. There is no problem in compiling the existing FORTRAN codes and link them to ASPEN plus by this combination of versions, however I cannot find how I can create new FORTRAN codes in the current version of Visual studio!'

Does any one has any idea about this?

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Can you give us more details? What exactly goes wrong?  You should be able to create a new Fortran project and build that.

You may want to see if the articles I can't create Fortran projects or see any Fortran support in Visual Studio and Fortran sources are not compiled when I build my project in Visual Studio are of any help.

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Actually what happens is I open Visual studio 2008 and open a new project and there that I should see the option Inter Fortran, I cannot see any thing.

On the other hand, I can open a Fortran code which has been coded in any other computer and saved as abc.f file by this visual studio and I also can compile that file and make the object file. The aspen plus model can be linked to this object file without any problem and everything goes smoothly. The only problem is that I cannot create the abc.f in this combination of FORTRAN 9.1 and Visual Studio 2008!


Ah - in that case see the first link I posted above.

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