interdependence of indices in DO CONCURRENT

interdependence of indices in DO CONCURRENT

The following DO statement compiles on IFORT [IA-32]:

DO CONCURRENT (i = 1:SIZE(arr1d), j = 1:i-1)

According to the F08 draft (N1830), C739 it is not permitted to

reference to any index-name in the forall-triplet-spec-list in which it appears

, and if I use the same forall-header in a FORALL statement the error is catched.

Is this allowed or not?

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Not allowed going strictly by the standard - don't know if Intel Fortran has an extension that allows this.  Do you get error(s) if the standards checking is turned on?  If not, then it seems like a compiler bug.  Did you try compiler 14, update 2?  Possibly fixed in there.

Still a bug - escalated as issue DPD200254821. Not a deliberate extension.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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