Compilation aborted (code 1) without further messages

Compilation aborted (code 1) without further messages

After moving from CVF6.6 to IVF XE 12.0 update 4, I obtained the error message

Compilation aborted (code 1)

Is there any documentation on the possible sources of this error? (which I guess there are quite a few). I wonder why is the error message not any more specific.


The way I proceeded to find the culprit was:

1- Comment all lines of code, except:

* program start / end

* subroutine protocols (subroutine x(var1, ...))

* subroutine end

* implicit none

* variables declarations

2- Incrementally uncomment small pieces of code.

I isolated the issue. I was passing a string constant as an argument for a subroutine call. The corresponding parameter of the subroutine was

character*200 mystr

I replaced the string constant in the caller line of code by a variable name. That variable was also defined as character*200. That solved the problem.

As mentioned by Steve Lionel the cause of the error may vary.

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If you are looking only at the output in the build window, you won't see more. Typically you have to look at the full build log, which is saved as buildlog.htm in the Debug or Release folder. But even so, it will likely tell you nothing more than "internal compiler error" or something generic like that. Usually this happens when the source goes through a code path in the compiler that was not accounted for. I know it's frustrating for the user, but in such cases the best thing is to report the problem to support and let us identify the issue. There are limits to how much more useful information could be provided in such cases.

You certainly can try to isolate and cut down the problem, and we always appreciate it when you do. I usually start by finding the minimum set of compiler options needed to show the problem. Then I try to cut down the source to the minimum needed, sometimes folding in include and module files. It is an iterative process. I will either comment out lines or use !DEC$ IF (.false.) .. !DEC$ ENDIF blocks to disable chunks of code.

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