Can I compile a program here that will run on a tablet?

Can I compile a program here that will run on a tablet?

I guess its a different operating system entirely, but is there a way to generate executable code here

that I can migrate over to a tablet? Or does that require a separate compiler I would have to install on the


I am not even sure I can compile any Fortran programs on a tablet.

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A Windows 8 tablet? Sure. It's just Windows. Not a Windows RT, Android or iOS tablet.

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The main thing is IF the same machine level instruction set is on both machines.

Since the compiler is generating machine code in the EXE I would migrate over.


I can see where graphics might be an issue, so I can try to avoid a Quickwin APP.

I downloaded the APP, but it would not run. Said it was missing a DLL it needed.


This was not a graphics app, just a console one I cooked up.


So is there someone there that can explain what is needed here?

I'm assuming it gave you no clue as to which dll :-)

Have you tried using something like "dependency walker" to look at what your executable is using?

The Intel Fortran program comes with multiple sets of redistributables. These are generally the DLL files you need to run on a target computer that is not the development system (or other system with missing components). You can install the redistributables on the other system.

The "hack" procedure is as you run on the tablet, you get "Missing ...dll" message, you then look on your development system for the file and then copy it to the folder on the tablet where you placed the application. I suggest you use the redistributables installation first, the hack second.

Also, if you have MS Visual Studio, you can create a manifest file with the executable, then use the VS facility to create an Installation Project. This will produce an installation package that includes the dependencies, but only installs them if the components are missing or out of date.

Jim Dempsey

I will try loading the "redistributables" but I could not find them - on the home computer.

Is there a special COMPILE procedure for this?

Is there a article somewhere that goes into more detail about this procedure?


So far, I am only guessing - - - 

Just change the project setting Fortran > Libraries > Runtime Library to "Multithreaded" (Not Multithread DLL). QuickWin doesn't need a change.

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See screenshot


Downloadimage/png Capture_12.PNG25.74 KB
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well, I made an executable, but when I moved it over, it wont execute.

Does it have to have a special name?

Apparently *.EXE doesn't cut it - - 


I could not attach the EXE here, apparently not an allowed file type.


Maybe an ARTICLE with a step by step procedure can be made,

rather than this endless guessing - - - -

What brand and model tablet are you using?

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It is a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Is that a tablet or a laptop?

The executable DOES run on my friends laptop,

and I used the EXE file extension there.


That would be a Smartphone running the Android OS. Funnily I can't get my ifort apps to run on my Siemens Dishwasher... :-)


I had equally bad luck trying to run Solaris on my friend's Casio solar wristwatch. What we both need is a properly provisioned virtual appliance!

Aside from the snide remarks, it DOES run on some tablets, but not on others.

I am trying to figure out what the restrictions are.

A Samsung Galaxy S2 is not a smartphone, its a tablet.

An Android ? I dunno .....


Maybe my tax guy would be able to help here?

The S4 is a smartphone, not an S2.


I have both kinds.


Steve Lionel (Intel) wrote:

A Windows 8 tablet? Sure. It's just Windows. Not a Windows RT, Android or iOS tablet.

And read

Best Reply

Most Samsung tablets use an ARM processor and run Android. These are not compatible with Windows executables. Some use Intel processors but also run Android - not compatible. The Samsung ATIV Tab 3 uses an Intel processor and runs Windows - that you could run your executable on.

In order to run a Windows Fortran executable on a tablet (or any other device), it has to use an Intel-compatible processor and run full Windows (not "Windows RT").

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OK, that clarifies the issue. I guess the remaining question is: "how

would I generate an executable for the target device without having to

have a Fortran compiler residing there?"

I would imagine that Fortran compilers just

aren't available on that many processors. But I didn't want to have to write a C++

application if I can avoid it.

Fortran compilers are available for just about every processor there is. For ARM and Android, it would probably be gfortran, but a quick Google search suggests that you'd have to do the compile on Linux and build a custom cross-compiler of gcc/gfortran yourself. Or see here. This probably won't help you, if you have to use Windows.

Or you could simply change to a Windows 8 (not RT) tablet. There are many nice ones on the market - in addition to the Samsung ATIV, there's the Microsoft Surface Pro, Dell Venue Pro and one my mom just bought, the Asus T100. You could even do your builds right on the tablet.

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