Cant use Fortran help anymore

Cant use Fortran help anymore

It tells me I don't have a default browser configured.

I have two on there already.

And then it directs me to a BLANK Internet Explorer Web page.

Why don't they test this stuff?

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Then the second time I got the same message.

Isn't it supposed to be sending a line starting with

It does try to open the Internet Explorer but it goes to a blank page.

We do test this - something may have gone wrong on your system. Which version of Visual Studio (and Fortran) are you using?

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I have VS 2010 and the newest fortran.


But maybe there's a way to launch the Fortran help outside the VS 2010?

Not as convenient, but better than "butkus."

Dick Butkus?

You can always find the documentation here. But there is also an entry in the Start menu under Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 > Documentation.

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Thanks for the link on the help.

Of course as I did yesterday I got out my old Microsoft Fortran Manual and read it in paper.


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