VS 2010 bug(?)

VS 2010 bug(?)

I had the main program called source01.f90, and extracted a routine with the
intention of calling it something else.

It called the extracted code source01.f90 ALSO -

This is just an annoyance, but if someone isn't alert, it can lead
to lost source code. For example if you tried to save BOTH of them
it would lead to something getting clobbered.

I was wondering if the problem was addressed and corrected later.
My understanding is that I can't use the Fortran compiler with later versions of
VS. Has that been addressed?

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How exactly did you "extract" it so that a source file name was generated? I can't get it to reuse a file name when it generates one, and if I try to save over an existing name deliberately, it warns me.

Each version of Visual Fortran supports some set of VS releases. Composer XE 2013 SP1 (compiler 14) supports VS2008, VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013. Our next major release will drop VS2008 support.

When you have installed a version, the integration will let you select up to two versions back. For more information, see:

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