Build Enviroment for App Error!

Build Enviroment for App Error!

Dear everyone!

Hi, sorry for opening a topic if there is sth related to this one!

the problem is that: when I want to setup the System Environment using : "Visual Fortran Build Environment for applications running on IA-32"

I face this Error:

Unable to find Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 or Higher!


I already installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 express to solve the problem and also I've installed Microsoft Visual C++ redistribution of 2008 and 2010 in PC!

Now I don't know what to do? what should I do?



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32-bit ifort can run on command line with -Qlocation, link setting the path to the vc\bin folder. Microsoft doesn't allow gui integration with those versions. This is the reason ifort has the vs shell installation option but ms don't permit free trial of this. Microsoft offers 90-day trials of the various VS Pro versions which may be used with ifort.

Which Fortran version did you install?

-Qlocation,link isn't going to help you for this error message.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Dear Steve;

Thanks for your reply

Here is the picture for my Fortran Compiler Ver, and the error!

I really don't know! how to solve the problem!

I'm working on my thesis! I decided to work by Matlab, the problem on Matlab was an error which had said:

Error: Could not find the compiler "ifort" on the DOS path.
Use mex -setup to configure your environment properly.
G:\MATLAB\R2011A\BIN\MEX.PL: Error: Unable to locate compiler.

Using mex-setup didn't help! it was not possible to find the right compiler because I didn't have Intel Fortran Compiler on the PC! then I got Intel Fortran Compiler for that! Now I faced this problem when I want to change my system environment!

Even If you can tell me how I can solve the main problem, that's enough! waiting for your suggestion! Thanks a lot!

Do you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 installed? 2010 won't work. Depending on what your license is, or how you installed, the Fortran install may or may not have added VS2005 Premier Partner Edition. If it didn't, you need to uninstall Fortran and install "Intel® Visual Fortran for IA-32 and Intel® 64 (with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition*)"

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Dear Steve

Thanks for your hint! I don't have VS2003 or 5! so I decided to uninstall Fortran and install what you gave me thanks for that!

Is there sth else to do after installing the software you gave me to solve my main problem? would the PC recognize the compiler ifort for my calculations?


A proper install of Intel Fortran will make the "ifort" command work from a build environment command prompt. I can't comment about what Matlab wants, but this will probably help.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

If you are comfortable working from the command line, here is an "unsupported" but reliable way of building a MEX from Fortran source, which is easy enough to try, and may save you a lot of wasted effort expended in installing different versions of Intel Fortran and/or Matlab. I have Matlab 2007b (32-bit) installed, and I have tested the steps below with the 32-bit compilers IFort 7.0, IFort  13.1, IFort 14.0 and IFort 15.0-beta.

1. Open a 32-bit IFort command window. Inside that command window, run these batch commands (please insert the correct directory paths for your installation) to set the MEX-compatible environment.

set MLDIR=c:\Math\ML2007b\extern
set LIB=%LIB%;%MLDIR%\lib\win32\microsoft
set LINK=libmx.lib libmex.lib /export:MEXFUNCTION

2. To build a MEX file from the example provided with Matlab, copy yprimef.F and yprimefg.F to a working directory. Within that directory, issue the command

ifort /LD /fpp yprimef.F yprimefg.F

(Note: With version 7 of Intel Fortran, use "ifl" instead of "ifort")

3. Test the MEX file within Matlab.

4. If you wish, modify the source files and rebuild the MEX file as noted in Step-2.

Dear Friends;

I've got a new problem! I decided to get Visual Basic 2008 for my problem, Cause Intel Fortran 11.1 matches with VB 2008 for MATLAB!

I've downloaded the VB 2008 from but I get this error! And I really can't solve it! any clue will be appreciated!

Let me tell you that it is not an update version! If you think it is! so please give me a link to download a full but no problem a trail one!


I suspect that VB only has the Express version of Visual Studio.  This will not work with IVF.  You need a full version of Visual Studio.


You didn't download VB, you downloaded Service Pack 1 for VS2008, and whatever version of VS2008 you have on the system, if any, isn't compatible with that. This has nothing to do with Intel Fortran.

As David says, if you have VS2008 Express (which will work with Intel Visual Fortran only in command line mode), the Service Pack won't work with it. If you have a regular version of Visual Studio, you can add in VB by doing a "Change/Modify" in Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features on Win7 and 8.) You cannot download VB to add to Visual Studio.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks for your replies guys!

Sorry; I made a mistake in my last post! I didn't mean VB 2008, I meant VS 2008!

I've downloaded VS 2008 and as you said VS 2008 Pro SP1! and I just decided to ask from you expert guys for clue to solve the problem!

Do you guys know a link for downloading trail version of regular VS 2008 from

I really don't know which one is regular for VS 2008? what should I do? what should I install on my PC to have VS 2008 there? I don't have any version of VS in my PC, so what should I have in my PC to install this SP1?

I really confused!

Thanks for your reply!



If the Visual Studio 2008 Pro 90-day trial is no longer available, you might follow Steve's advice above and use the PPE provided with ifort installer.  Apparently, only the 2010, 2012, and 2013 VS pro trials are available, so you would need a more recent ifort to follow that route.

As far as I know, Microsoft removes older trial versions when a new VS version comes out. Yes, you should use the bundled VS assuming you have a Commercial or Academic license.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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