IMSL 7.0.1 for Intel Visual Fortran available bundled or as add-on

IMSL 7.0.1 for Intel Visual Fortran available bundled or as add-on

We are pleased to announce that the Rogue Wave IMSL* Fortran Libraries version 7.0.1 are now available for Intel Visual Fortran customers, directly from Intel resellers. In addition to being able to buy a bundle combining Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE with IMSL, we now also offer IMSL as a separate "add-on" to any Intel suite that includes Intel Visual Fortran (Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE, Intel Composer XE, Intel Visual Fortran Studio XE, Intel Parallel Studio XE, Intel Cluster Studio XE.) This means that you can add IMSL to your existing suite that includes Fortran without having to buy an additional license for Visual Fortran. 

Customers with current support licenses for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE with IMSL can download and install IMSL 7.0.1 at no additional charge. You'll find it under "Related Files" for your product at the Intel Registration Center.

This release of IMSL 7.0.1 has been tested with Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 - compatibility with earlier versions of the compiler is not guaranteed.

For more information, please read the following pages:

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Based on your post, does this mean that Intel Parallel Studio XE includes Visual Fortran?  I only ask because I am trying to decide between purchasing Intel Parallel Studio XE with IMSL or Visual Fortran with IMSL.




With the new 2015 version, all of the developer suites are named Parallel Studio XE. Unless you buy one that has "C++" in the name, all include Visual Fortran. If you want IMSL, you can either buy "Composer Edition for Fortran Windows with IMSL", which includes Visual Fortran and IMSL (still separate downloads), or you can buy any Parallel Studio XE product that includes Fortran and then buy IMSL as an add-on separately.

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I just bought Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition for Fortran Windows, but I cannot find the IMSL. Do I need to buy IMSL separately? If yes, how to buy it as add-on? thank you.

Yes, you need to buy it separately. Our part number for this is RFL999WSGE01 and the US suggested commercial price is $999. (Academic is part number RFL999WSAE01 with a suggested price of $499.) You should be able to buy from the same source as Parallel Studio XE, or just do a web search on the part number and you will get lots of sources.

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