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Why at times do I get a "this comment has been sent to the moderator for review?" Or some such comment.

Are there trip words like - Intel, Fortran, Steve etc that trigger a review need?



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Because we've had a bad problem with spammers in the past, all posts are run through a spam filter that uses a commercial service to decide how "spammy" a post looks. If the filter doesn't like the post, it puts it in a queue for a moderator to look at and then release if the post is ok.  Exactly what it looks for, I don't know. What we've seen, though, is that perfectly innocuous posts get held, more so if they include code! We're testing out a new filter module that should behave better.

If you get the "held for moderation" message, please be patient - your post will be released soon (but typically only during US west coast work hours.)

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Did you bring back the - send a post to the author feature?

Thanks for the note.


Yes, we did bring that back.

Retired 12/31/2016

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