FORTRAN Calling C# DLL / CSharp DLL

FORTRAN Calling C# DLL / CSharp DLL

Hello everbody,

I am working on my master thesis. The final goal is to implement a UMAT in ABAQUS.

My adviser will write a DLL in C#. My first step will be to import that DLL in FORTRAN. I found a lot of examples to import FORTRAN DLLs in C# but not the other way around. Is it possible to do this without a wrapper in C++? found here:

Does anybody have an example for me? I do not have many experience in programming. Therefore, it might be good for me to get a realy short one. Maybe a double 2D-array [,] from C# to FORTRAN (real(8)).

Thx a lot in advance!





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Hi Carsten,

It seems inevitable to have an c++ wrapper between unmanaged (Fortran) and managed (c#) code. I found an artice to guide you calling c# dll from Fortran step by step.

This is a duplicate of One can call Fortran DLLs directly from C# - no C++ required.

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