ifort 15.0 beta update

ifort 15.0 beta update

Is there going to be another (a second?) update?  My premier support issue 6000054145 (to do with move_alloc and argument intent checking - I've got that right haven't I????) means that the latest update ( won't successfully compile any of my real stuff, which makes it a bit hard to test.

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There will be an Beta update 2 release perhaps as soon as this week. I checked your test case from your Premier issue against the coming update 2 and it also produces the same error.

I believe you are correct in what you stated in your Premier that the compiler seems to "conflate the specification of the dummy arguments of MOVE_ALLOC with what's required of the actual arguments." The Fortran 2008 standard in section 13.7.118 MOVE_ALLOC describes the FROM and TO arguments as "It is an ..." in terms of the INTENT-ness and not "It shall be ...".

Steve and others with a better understanding of the Fortran Standard can revise/correct. For now I will forward your issue to Development.

Yes, it seems that the fix, for the problem where we were allowing INTENT(IN) arguments to MOVE_ALLOC, went too far. Kevin, the previous issue was DPD200244422. Sorry for the mixup and we'll get it straightened out.

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Thank you Steve. This new error was submitted to Development (see internal tracking id below). I'll update the post and IPS with status as I learn it.

(Internal tracking id: DPD200357363)

(Resolution Update on 09/05/2014): This defect is fixed in the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Initial Release (2015.0.108 - Windows)

Ian - this is just a repeat from the recent closure of your Premier issue that this issue has been fixed in the IPS XE 2015 (15.0 compiler) initial release.

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