Trouble accessing Fortran Help

Trouble accessing Fortran Help

Our IT has set me up with a new computer, new OS (Win8.1), and new IVF (2013_sp1.3.202 on VS2010). Not being satisfied with the standard Help, which lacks features I was used to, I also installed MS Help Viewer 1.1. So several things have changed.

Everything is fine except access to Help, which is intermittent. Initially (after any restart) it works fine, but after some time--which includes shutting VS down and running other programs--any attempt to access Help results in an error popup window as follows:

Window title: Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 - Catalog VS_100_EN_US

     [BrowserSafeguard] The socket connection to failed.
     ErrorCode: 10061
     No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Rebooting always fixes it, but the fix is short-lived.

Any ideas?

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I don't know the problem but MS Help Viewer 1.1 is what you get with the vs2010 shell, at least that's what I have in my w7 install so I am surprised you needed to install it. 

Uninstall the VS Help Viewer and Fortran. Uninstall Visual Studio Shell (see the Fortran release notes for the list of things to uninstall.) Reinstall Fortran. Then download and install VS2010 Service Pack 1 - this gets you the newer help viewer. 

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