application error

application error


I am reseller from Taiwan.
Need your assist to resolve my customer's technical issue:

please see customer's request as attachment.



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The attachment shows a build error for the user's program where no main program was found so that's the reason the executable cannot be run. The user needs to add a main program or if one is present determine why it was not found during the link.

Hi Kevin,

According to the user, he did add main program. You mentioned that " if one is present determine why it was not found during the link.", may I know what this mean?  is this related to wrong path or anything?





From your screen snapshot, I guess the client clicked start debugging, but the program doesn't build successfully, so there is no .exe generated, then finally he/she get the error message dialogue which said can't find the target .exe file.

So I would suggest to check the program first.

By the way, on the build output window, the message suggests an link error which most of the time is caused by failing to link an function/subroutine from an lib/dll. 


A copy of the build log file would be useful.  If your client can send this file for you to upload, that would be good.


What I mean is that no object file was found during the link that corresponded to any source file containing a main program being compiled successfully. I cannot fully explain why the error occurred with the information provided. I suspect it relates to a missing .obj containing the main program and not a path issue. He may have a main program in a source file but that corresponding source file may contain a syntax error that we cannot see in the screen snap provided. If there is a syntax error in that source file then no object file will be produced and that can cause the sort of error that was shown in the screen snap.

As David suggested, a complete build log may shed other clues.


Could you tell me how to build a log and cache it ?

I will upload it.


The build log is automatically created by Visual Studio. It is called buildlog.htm and will be in the Debug or Release folder, depending on the project configuration. You will need to ZIP the file before attaching it here.

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