Visual Fortran does not show "without debugging"option

Visual Fortran does not show "without debugging"option


I am very new in Visual Fortran and I have two questions. Thanks in advance for your answers.

1) I compiled a couple of programs. However, this time Visual Fortran didn't show "start without debugging" option in the Debug section. How can I work without debugging?

2) I opened a new project lots of time but this time it didn't ask me the name and location of the project as described in here: What is the problem that is probably so easy but I missed?

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I wonder if you have a Fortran project or if you opened some other kind of project. Maybe you can attach a screenshot of your project after it is opened? Did it actually build successfully, including creating an EXE? Check the build log. Just "compiling" is not sufficient.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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