intel_VEC_memcpy issue

intel_VEC_memcpy issue


I have recently upgraded to XE2013SP1 and have got the following linker error:

Error    3     error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol ___intel_VEC_memcpy referenced in function _MENU_F90_mp_GMSETWIDGETINFO    GMENUWI8.LIB(menu_f90.obj)  

If I use the old XE2011 libraries then this issue goes away but I am getting some rather odd behaviour in my code.

Is there a fix for this please?

Thanks, ACAR. 


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Your libraries must at least be up to date with the compiler.  I've sometimes run into installations where not everything was installed or updated, requiring the new version and the one being replaced to be removed and installed (which can be done from the download expanded directory).

In some situations, memcpy calls can be avoided to good effect by !dir$ simd on a DO loop which would otherwise be replaced by memcpy.

In the Composer XE 2011 product this routine was present in libirc. I do not see it in this library for Composer XE 2013 SP1.

Did you re-compile using CXE 2013 SP1 or just re-link?

I spy this in the linker error message: "GMENUWI8.LIB(menu_f90.obj)  ", which raises the suspicion that the third-party library GMENUWI8.LIB was probably compiled with an older version of Intel Fortran, and has a dependency on the old LIBIRC.LIB. The O.P. may need to contact the vendor of this library for an updated version, or investigate other ways of removing the dependency.

Thank you all for your time.  As noted it is the third-party library you mention.  The vendor is preparing a new version of the software using the updated intel libraries which should fix the problem.  With hindsight I should have gone straight to them but I somehow thought that this was an intel issue.  Anyway solved once I get the updated GINO version.  Thanks again.

Well, this was our mistake actually so you were correct in raising it here first and we are glad that you did. From internal discussions we determined the family of _intel_VEC_mem* routines, while no longer used by the compiler, should have remained in libirc for compatibility of our libraries with older built objects. The routines will be restored in a future release (see internal tracking id below). I’ll update this posting once that is complete.

(Internal tracking id: DPD200359110)

(Resolution Update on 10/16/2014): This defect is fixed in the Intel® Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 4 release (Version Build 20140805 - Windows)

Well I am grateful for that.  However, as a result of this issue I've had to upgrade the GINO libraries at a cost to my business.  Would Intel be prepared to consider reimbursing me for this?

We’re sorry that the inappropriate removal of the routines caused you problems.  It is possible using the previous CXE 2013 (13.1) compiler and library with your original GINO libraries would offer a temporary work around. You could then resume using the CXE 2013 SP1 (14.0) compiler and library with your original GINO libraries once the library routines are restored.

There is additional details about obtaining previous versions in the How do I get an older version of an Intel® Software Development Product? article.

I have already purchased an upgrade for GINO to solve this problem so I would ask the question again - is Intel prepared to offer some form of reimbursement for this mistake.  

It was your own choice to upgrade GINO - it was not an action we suggested. Once we understood the issue, we could have offered several no-cost alternatives to resolve the problem - in addition to what Kevin listed you could have extracted the routines from the older compiler's library and linked to them that way. We don't believe there is an obligation for reimbursement.

Retired 12/31/2016

Point understood and accepted.  Thanks All for the help.

The family of _intel_VEC_mem* routines have been restored in the Intel® Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 4 release (Version Build 20140805 - Windows)

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