finding the right dlls to put with ifort exe to run on computers without a compiler

finding the right dlls to put with ifort exe to run on computers without a compiler


We need to assemble the right dlls for a multithreaded win32 ifort exe so it will run on users computers which don't have compilers installed.  Right now, its a trial and error porcess to find which dlls to use from windows/system32 and intel redist so the exe will run for our users.  It'd be nice to have a better process for finding which dlls to include.




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Are you referring to problems where Dependency Walker should help?

If you build your program with the Multithreaded option (not Multitthreaded DLL), then all of the Intel dependencies will be included in your exe file, and so no additional files will need to be deployed.  unless you have installed additonal, non-standard DLLs to system32, I would not expect that you should need to deploy or link any additional DLLs either.



Standard .dlls from \windows\system32 ought to be found automatically on any Windows, although they would be located elsewhere on windows X64.  You shouldn't be tinkering with those \system32\ folders.  If someone has broken your target installations, you can't expect to fix it in your distributable package.  I suppose, in general, it's possible to encounter PATH setting problems, depending on what was changed prior to your installation.

Mutli-threading typically involves OpenMP, where you would need to distribute libiomp5md.dll from the ifort installation (the 32-bit one, in your case).  As David said, /MT (the default for ifort) would resolve other Intel library dependencies by static linking.



$ dumpbin /dependents lcd_ffast.exe


  Image has the following dependencies:


.... discusses some aspects of Microsoft's imagehlp.dll and how they want you to make s distributable application in that respect.

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