Scrolling in Fortran Windows application

Scrolling in Fortran Windows application

I have written a fortran windows application,  wherein the main window uses the right and bottom scroll bars as well as being able to scroll via the mouse in the middle of the screen. The problem is when I put in quite a lot of information on the window the window gets corrupted and information is lost - is it that i am overloading the window  and would I need to do something like clear of flush buffer so that when I run with large amounts of data the application works OK


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What sort of window is this i.e what command created it and is it text data you are 'putting' in this window? Also, what is "a lot of data" are we talking (assuming text) hundreds. thousand or millions of lines? What is the nature of the 'corruption'? I think a little more information is required to define the problem as otherwise a lot of guessing in involved.


Yes, a screen-shot showing a 'corrupted' screen would be nice - a picture being worth a thousand words etc.

Also how you are writing the content to the window. For a normal bitmapped window, you are entirely responsible for things such as scrolling, updates, repainting, etc. QuickWin handles this for you if you're using that.

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..Unless it is large edit/list box...

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